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Mega-infrastructure as a mechanism of indebtedness

ODG’s publication “Mega-infrastructure as a mechanism of indebtedness – the risk of illegitimate, ecological and gender debt” analyses the main mechanisms of indebtedness that mega-infrastructure

BOOK: Global Gas Lock-in. Bridge to nowhere

Fossil gas is gaining ground and increasing in importance in the global energy scenario. There are numerous publications and studies evaluating the risk of fuels

Peoples Sovereignty vs. Impunity Inc.

Counterpower and Struggles forJustice Violations of human rights and the rights of peoples and nature have become inherent to transnational corporations’ operations and can only

Project Bond Initiative

As the pilot phase of the Project Bond Initiative descends into acrimony amid theclosure of its flagship pilot project, the recent downgrading of the Castor

Energy grabbing

This paper defines energy grabbing as a powerful concept that visualizes the impacts of high dependent energy consumers. The Spanish case is analysed showing that