Contrasted, rigorous and critical information to understand the world.

We are a network of people who, since 2000, do critical analysis of the context and produce knowledge to make it available for citizens and social movements. Our areas of work are financial justice, climate justice, the commons and ecofeminisms.

Our theory of change

Where do we come from?

A short walk through our history

The ODG is a project that was born in the year 2000 with the initiative of “Red Ciudadana por la Abolición de la Deuda Externa (RCADE)” (Citizens’ Network for the Abolition of External Debt) after the social Consultation for the Abolition of External Debt. The ODG arises due to the need for proven, rigorous, critical and immediate information to nurture the process of training, awareness and political pressure.

Since the beginning it has been supported by the “Cátedra UNESCO de Sostenibilidad de la Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya” (UNESCO Chair of Sustainability of the Catalan Polytechnic University). In 2004 the Network Association of the Debt Observatory in Globalization (XODG) is created to facilitate the tasks of training, denouncing and creating political pressure.
Currently, ODG’s team consists of an heterogeneous group of people who work and collaborate in the areas (research, training, communications and political advocacy).

This network is an open space to anyone who can and want to contribute to achieve our goals. Currenly, the team has 10 members and a network of members, activists and volunteers who participate periodically to the different activities and projects.
All working documents and activities can be found in the transparency portal.

Our team


Emma Avilés Thurlow

Fundraising responsable. On leave.


Blanca Bayas Fernández

Cares/Internal coordinator. Commons and ecofeminisms researcher.


Bruna Cañada Roca

Financial justice researcher.


Josep Nualart Corpas

Energy and climate researcher.


Marta Pérez Fargas

Communication, press and systems responsible.


Alfons Pérez López

Energy and climate researcher. On paternal leave.

Nicola Scherer

Political Coordinator and fundraising responsible. Financial justice researcher.

Viviana Guerrero

Operation support.


Edu Vázquez

Operation, finance and people responsible.


Clàudia Custodio Martinez

Energy and climate researcher and communication support.


Júlia Marti Comas

Commons and ecofeminisms researcher.

An ecofeminist approach

In recent years, the ODG has started several internal processes in order  to work from an ecofeminist perspective, putting emphasis on work dynamics, decision-taking processes, governance, care and health  mechanisms, inter alia.

This willingness and commitment also includes antiracist and decolonial perspectives, and the work of the upcoming  years will continue along these lines.

The documents and ecofeminist transition plan can be found here.