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For more than a decade, Enagás (in Spain) and Teréga, ex-TIGF, (in France) have been promoting the construction of the Midi-Catalunya pipeline (better known as

Is Natural Gas a Friend of the Climate?

The general objective of this study is to evaluate the climate impacts of the gas supply chain: in particular, those associated with liquefied natural gas

Smoke and Mirrors

The study shutters EU claims on climate benefits from flagship energy project; the Southern Gas Corridor. The controversial Southern Gas Corridor, the EU’s flagship energy

Mega-infrastructure as a mechanism of indebtedness

ODG’s publication “Mega-infrastructure as a mechanism of indebtedness – the risk of illegitimate, ecological and gender debt” analyses the main mechanisms of indebtedness that mega-infrastructure

BOOK: Global Gas Lock-in. Bridge to nowhere

Fossil gas is gaining ground and increasing in importance in the global energy scenario. There are numerous publications and studies evaluating the risk of fuels