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European Union: New crisis, same recipe?

Recovery plans in the European Union and the Spanish state and its implications for energy and climate policy The measures taken to deal with the

Polluters profiting from pandemic bailouts

How the fossil fuel industry is using the COVID-19 crisis to capture public funds and lock in-dirty energy Fossil Free Politics Campaign Investigation: Rachel Tansey based

Gambling with our lives – Health & Climate

Confronting global health and climate emergencies in the age of financialisation Why this report? The current global health and climate emergencies expose the results of

Spotlight on financial justice

Ever feel like the system is rigged against you? Well, it is… Watch Citizens for Financial Justice’s new film, Alice in Moneyland, and learn how

Cities VS multinationals

All over the world, and especially in Europe, cities have become a key battleground against the growing reach and power of multinational corporations, argues a