PERTE: How public investment undermines ecofeminist transition

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ODG, OMAL, XXK, ESF and other ecofeminist activists and feminist economies publish How public investment undermines the ecofeminist transition.  Analysis of five strategic projects for economic recovery and transformation

The research focuses on five of the eleven Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) financed by the European Next Generation EU funds in the areas of health, energy, food, water and health care. The aim of the research is to contribute to the debate on current economic policies and the waste of huge amounts of public funding from a feminist point of view. The analysis concludes that in the transition promoted through the PERTEs prevails the technocapitalist perspective. They don’t even make the effort to try to do greenwashing or purplewashing with its policies. 

The analysis is also a reflection on the proposals for social and political organization that we would see as necessary for an ecofeminist transition, and we explain how the five analyzed PERTEs, linked to the needs that sustain daily life, are nothing more than a commitment to “green” and digital capitalism. 


Video to present the report

Our colleague Blanca Bayas Fernández, together with Mirene Begiristain Zubillaga, Ruth Pérez Lázaro and Amaia Pérez Orozco, presents the report in the video below.


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