Map | Affected by energy projects

This collaborative mapping is made by different organizations and coordinated by the Observatori del Deute en la Globalització. It shows the other side of energy projects. It is part of the activity “catching the train of development” that takes place in coordination with other European entities aiming to provide a critical view of the European Year for Development.

The map shows and gives voice to the affected regions and communities by current and future energy infrastructures and is willing to react in response to Projects of Common Interest and Juncker Plan. Both, two huge plans supported by public funds coming from EIB, EBRD and CEF which will help to accelerate the administrative procedures required for executing the projects.

This new european offensive aims to redefine and privatize the meaning of common interest, ignoring the opinion of directly and indirectly affected regions, those who have a critical vision of the future that the EU is promoting on energy.

  • Mapped cases initially respond to gas and electrical interconnections
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