#Somnambulism: Debt Zombies

Somnambulism is the sensation of the day, a movie based on a true story. It tells us about a strange epidemic that is sweeping the world. An epidemic that even penetrates in the dreams forcing people to get up to do what they are told in dreams. How long until you become a debt zombie yourself?

#Somnambulism shows us how debt is devouring our societies, affecting our physical and psychological conditions and breaking our communty by imposing an illegitimate and unsustainble burden. From low income countries indebted with rich countries, to families or students not able to pay their loans, debt is a problem that affects us all across the board. Join us in our struggle against Debt.

What is Debtocracy?

“Debtocracy” explains the process of indebtedness of countries and its impacts on their population. Governments find themselves trapped in its debt and start serving the interests of the international financial institutions instead of serving their own people. After decades of suffering of debt burdens and neoliberal adjustment policies in the Global South, now the Global North is also affected by the same “Debtocracy” process.

Documentaries about Debtocracy


Editor/Script Katerina Kitidi Aris Chatzistefanou Scientific Research Leonidas Vatikiotis Animation Magda Plevraki Sokratis Galiatsakos Music Giannis Agelakas Ermis Georgiadis Aris…

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Debt Crises in the South

Debt Crises in the North

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Movements for Debt Justice

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