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Living In Barcelona

Barcelona, a city that has it all. Beach and mountain, art and entertainment, luxury and simplicity, history and innovation… Everything you can dream, you will

Caso Castor

La QUERELLA CRIMINAL Caso Castor fue tramitada ante la Audiencia Nacional el 27 de febrero de 2018 contra: El ex Ministro de Industria, Comercio y

Peoples’ Tribunal on the Castor Project

The Castor project has generated an illegitimate debt they want us to pay from our pockets. A private debt where all costs and risks have

At the Syrian border

 Trailer AT THE SYRIAN BORDER – English by Transforma Films. “AT THE SYRIAN BORDER” Synopsis: David has a transportation-based business. Ahmed has arrived in

#Somnambulism: Debt Zombies

Somnambulism is the sensation of the day, a movie based on a true story. It tells us about a strange epidemic that is sweeping the