Open registrations for Volt II: Challenging large energy infrastructure projects.

How can we respond from the perspective of peoples energy sovereignty?


The Peoples Energy Sovereignty Network (Catalonia) and the organisations that are part of it, want to invite you to participate in the second edition of the VOLT, a journey that aims to establish links between different groups, campaigns and local struggles. The VOLT also aims at building alliances to work on future responses to major energy projects.

The purpose of the VOLT II is to stablish a dialogue between the territories affected by large projects included in supranational strategies such as the Energy Union, the Projects of Common Interest (PCI) and the ‘Juncker’ Investment Plan, with the goal of articulating processes of information exchange, coordination and advocacy at different levels: local, state and EU.

The aforementioned projects consist of gas and electricity interconnections that promote the creation of the single gas and electricity markets within the EU. These projects benefit from privileges such as public funds and accelerated administrative procedures for their implementation. These institutional dynamics clash with local realities, which are often relegated to the role of passive actors that just accept whatever the high-profile arrengements. Moreover, these UE strategies have a strong dimension beyond EU territory, as these infrastructures penetrate the North of Africa, the Middle East and the Caspian region.

Thus, the VOLT II wants to challenge the goals, the plans and the implementation of large energy projects, putting concepts like democracy , sovereignty , development, rights and necessities in the center of the political debate; and will attempt to answer questions such as whether the large energy project cycle is democratic? or if participation in public procedures is sufficient? are they consistent with people’s sovereignty? what tools do we have to respond?  are there alternatives to the large energy infrastructures?

Participants from Europe and the Global South will participate in the VOLT II adding their experiences to enrich the narrative.


October 9th – 12th. Save the dates!

Barcelona – Castellar del Vallès – Sallent – Balsareny – Graus – Sabiñánigo








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