Policy coherence for development in Catalonia from an environmental perspective

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Are we contributing to the environmental destruction on a planetary scale?

12 pag. April 2015.

Last policy paper of ODG team on Coherence and external environmental responsibility. It is the first document on Policy Coherence for Development published in Catalonia.

It examines the extent and ways in which Catalonia contributes to the “Sixth Great Extinction” of species, the accelerated loss of biodiversity on a global scale basis, and the derivatives that this has on people that depend on it whether directly (such as indigenous peoples, farmers or fishermen) or indirectly through essential functions provided by ecosystems.

Concludes that for the right conservation of the environment on a global scale, economies like the Catalan need to undertake an urgent socio-economic transition towards non anticooperative economic and political schemes. Among other factors, the control of imports,  especially fuel, food and minerals or manufacturing and energy-intensive materials.

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