Interview with Indian researcher and activist Ashish Kothari

Interview with researcher and activist Ashish Kothari, trained in sociology and with a broad work developed on environment, social justice, biodiversity and much more.

Ashish was with us for the #DebatODG session of November 7th, with the theme “The quest and construction of transformative alternatives, contribution from the Vikalp Sangam in India and the ACKnowl-EJ project“.

In this debate we shared the experience of Vikalp Sangam (the “confluence of alternatives” in India, driven by the Kalpavriksh organisation where Ashish works) and a process in which ICTA is contributing from the ACKnowl-EJ project (Academic-activist co-production of knowledge for environmental justice) around the concept of alternatives and their transformative dimension towards a more just and ecologically respectful system.

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