Maps of the on-line course “Energy for the EU: Challenging Cross Border Cooperation”

As a result of the first edition of the online course “Energy for the EU: Challenging Cross Border Cooperation”, the students have made this colaborative map with all the cases that they have been studying during the course. All the research is avaible by clicking on every case.

The thematic maps below have been created by students in order to explain the context for every project above, adding extra layers from diferent sources.

Kolubara Mining Comples

by Katarzyna

Oil and Gas fields in Egypt

by Carles

Noth Stream 2 and populated places

by Kai

Coal Energy Generation in Germany

by Ortzi

World coal reservers by Country (World), Coal Power Plant (Germany) and Coal Opencast Mines (Germany)

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)

by Marcel and Ulrike

LNG Regassification Vessel in Krk (Croatia)

by Pau

North Sea Link (NSL)

by Cora and Zeineb

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