Gaza: Enough is enough!

A Call to Action launched by the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity

On July 8th, the Israeli army launched its third military attack in Gaza in five years. Even if the Israeli government has announced the withdrawal of ground forces from Gaza, this latest military action, which includes constant bombardment and a land invasion, has caused approximately 1,800 deaths of mostly civilians, including hundreds of children. The Israeli military aggression has targeted schools, hospitals, mosques, the water infrastructure and the main electricity plant in Gaza. Roughly two-thirds of the Gaza Strip’s inhabitants — 1.2 million people — are suffering from severe disruptions to thewater and sewage systems, according to Emergency Water Sanitation and Hygiene, a coalition of around 40 humanitarian groups operating in the occupied territories.


We, social movements, climate justice organisations, popular organisations, NGOs, youth, women and Indigenous groups from the Global Campaign to Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity, representing millions of citizens of every colour, creed, nationality and religious belief and those with none – from Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East are united in condemning these horrific attacks against the besieged men, women and children of Gaza.


The recent Permanent Peoples Tribunal Hearing in Geneva on June 23, 2014 has made evident that the “water apartheid” imposed upon the Palestinian people by the State of Israel and its water services transnational corporation Mekorot is yet another evidence of Israeli state’s crimes against humanity. The Global Campaign expresses its solidarity with the people of Palestine and their struggle against the military occupation, the escalation of violence against innocent civilians and the transnational corporations that profit from this aggression.


We do not forget previous massacres perpetrated by the same Israeli army in Gaza, such as operation “Cast Lead” in 2008-2009, which resulted in the deaths of nearly 1,500 Palestinians. The Israeli government is using the same excuses it did 6 years ago to justify its most recent attack. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has systematically worked towards destroying the legitimate desire of the Palestinian people for self-determination and an end to decades of Israeli Occupation, apartheid and colonialism. We deplore all civilian casualties and consider that, the State of Israel, as the occupying force under international law, bears responsibility.


Israel can only repeat its murderous assaults on the Palestinian people because of the continued support it receives from allies in Western states and its emerging trading partners in countries like India, Singapore, Turkey, Colombia, Brazil and Chile. As long as governments around the world maintain their support for Israel, it is up to people and social movements to take action. A growing global consciousness accepts that the path for a lasting peace must include the punishment of Israel for its crimes. All actors who are directly and indirectly responsible for these crimes including those in political power and the Israeli and international corporations that enable and profit from the implementation of Israeli illegal policies, must also be punished.


This is why we encourage you to continue to take action by:


1)     Writing a letter to our governments demanding them:
– To divest from Israeli or international corporations until they end their ties with Israeli illegal policies.
– To impose economic sanctions and supend trade or other bilateral agreements, until Israel abides by the relevant UN resolutions and International law.
– To withdraw immediately Ambassadors and suspend diplomatic relationships with the Government of Israel because of the massacre it is perpetrating in Palestine.
– To immediately take steps towards a full military embargo against Israel and to stop all contracts and joint ventures with Israeli military corporations.
– To use intergovernmental arenas to press for the cessation of Israel’s current and ongoing aggression and for the immediate lifting of the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.


2)     Participating in protests around the world, in order to:

– Express our strong solidarity to the Palestinian People. Their suffering is our suffering, their deaths are our deaths and their struggle is our struggle.
– Add our voices to the countless millions already protesting in the streets of every capital in revulsion of this latest attack by the Israeli State.


– Demand that Israel and its enablers be punished for crimes committed against the people of Gaza and all Palestinians who are living under occupation.
– Participate and suport the global Boycott, Divest and Sanction campaign against Israel.ontra el Estado de Israel.

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