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Author: Alfons Pérez
Editorial and research support: Mario Díaz, Pilar Fontseré, Josep Nualart, Judit Alonso
Content review: Olga Margalef, Mònica Guiteras, Javier Lechón, Nicola Scherer, Blanca Bayas, Joana Bregolat, Eduard Vàzquez, Anna Pérez, Emma Avilés, Samuel Martín-Sosa y Marta Conde

Editing and Catalan translation: L’Apòstrof, SCCL
English translation: Joanne Craven
Design and layout: Atajo

The pandemic has accelerated the arrival of a new crisis cycle that never completely disappeared and which is intertwined and amplified with other global challenges in the 21st century.
Economic recovery is reinforcing the Green New Deal theses in Europe. The dangers of reinforcing the growth model with the arguments of absolute decoupling, the impacts of deepening extractivism in the interests of obtaining the critical raw materials for a green and digital transformation, and the risks of over-indebtedness that will once again activate austerity measures are more present than ever. In this context, large corporations are aligning themselves with green policies and are the key players in trying to capture the majority of available public resources. 
This book analyses this situation while recognising the work of many collectives and movements that have built green deals as an alternative to the official approach and that have no fear of tackling a structural, systemic and radical critique of capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism.
Green deals in times of pandemics is an invitation to convene ourselves in these difficult moments under the conviction that, in this key decade, we cannot be mere spectators of a future that is being decided now.



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& supported [in part] by a grant from the Open Society Initiative for Europe within the Open Society Foundations.

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