Eurodad – Strengthening Regional, European and Global CSO Umbrella Organisations

The project, running from Mar ch 2019 to February 2022, aims at strengthening the institutional, operational and representational capacity of the Eurodad network to undertake coordinated actions and advocate for policy changes that help ensure a democratically controlled, environmentally sustainable financial and economic system that works to eradicate poverty and ensure human rights for all.
Eurodad is a strong and dynamic network of around 50 European NGOs in 20 countries. Eurodad works for transformative yet specific changes to global and European policies and institutions to ensure a democratically controlled, environmentally sustainable, financial and economic system that works to eradicate poverty and ensure human rights for all. The key issue areas are tax justice, ending debt crises, effective aid, and publicly-backed private finance. Eurodad is also entering new issue areas – financial sector rules, investment treaties and climate finance.

Main goal

The project aims at strengthening the understanding of the members on the themes and goals of Eurodad, the enhancement of their competences, so that they would be able to work effectively on these topics and the goals within their countries and constitutions. In particular, Glopolis participates in the analysis of the financial regulations, in mapping topics in countries where Eurodad is not represented, in identifying potential partners which could get engaged in Eurodad’s topics to join its actions and become members of Eurodad.

Main activities of ODG

  • Consultant for EURODAD’s New Strategy and Evaluation Process
  • Consultant for new issues on financial sector rules and climate finance
  • Participation in the Steering Committee Group calls and meetings

Project coordinator in ODG

Nicola Scherer (nicola.scherer@odg.cat)

Project Leading Organisation

Eurodad – The European Network on Debt a Development


ActionAid UK (UK)
DDCI – Debt and Development Coalition Ireland (Ireland)
Demnet – Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights (Hungary)
Ekvilib Inštitut (Slovenia)
erlassjahr.de (Germany)
Glopolis (Czech Republic)
IBIS (Denmark)
Instytut Globalnej Odpowiedzialnosci – IGO (Poland)
Re:Common (Italy)
Stichting Both ENDS (Netherlands)
Stichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen – SOMO (Netherlands)
Weltwirtschaft, Ökologie & Entwicklung – WEED e.V. (Germany)
Xarxa Observatori del Deute en la Globalització – ODG (Spain)

Project financing

  • Total budget: 5 669 736 EUR (out of which the grant from the European Commission 80%: 4 535 789 EUR)
  • Out of which a grant for ODG’s work: 16 000 EUR


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