Alternatives Map expansion!

Second round: The Map of Popular Alternatives keeps searching for new cases.

At ODG, as part of Ecawatch we are pleased to inform you that we begin the second round of searching for alternatives to megainfrastructure projects, with an extension of the mapping project “Popular Alternative Proposals of envisioning Infrastructure”. The main aim of this map is to spread information, proposals and contribute to link people and groups with each other, in order to enrich the narrative on alternative infrastructure, in front of megainfrastructure projects, that are too often responsible for the privatization of common goods.

By this stage, we have created a very usable new form! open to everybody, that facilitates the introduction of data and the management of cases. The form has received contributions from the creators of the Ejaltas, with the objective of being able to create synergies for a future wider map of alternatives.

The period of research and introduction of new cases will be opened until February 22th, and you can help us in three different ways:

  1. Fill in the new form with information about cases you know and that could be part of the map.
  2. Spread this email to contacts you have, that you consider could fill in the form with new cases.
  3. Send us the contacts (at and we will coordinate with them to fill in the form.

Remember that the indicators for the selection of the cases are the following:

  • Civil Society but specifically Social Movements proposals
  • Proposals based on real popular needs. Decision-making accountable structure
  • Proposals linked to the reclaim of the commons
  • Low carbon alternatives

Thanks a lot for your collaboration. Let’s spread the alternatives!

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