Nicola Scherer & Alfons Pérez / Open Democracy / How big polluters are profiting from European public aid

The EU recovery programme is at odds with its planned European Green Deal.

The European Central Bank and the European Investment Bank support big corporations through non-transparent processes, without taking into account social, environmental or climate criteria and without having binding criteria to stop corporate tax evasion and dividend distributions.

Today, the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) is meeting and will probably announce the extension of it’s Pandemic Emergency Purchase Program (PEPP). It is a good moment to reflect on how EU public aid has been channelled so far to some of the most powerful players of our economy in the context of the COVID-19 crisis, the big corporations.

Authors: Nicola Scherer and Alfons Pérez
Published on: Open Democracy, June 4th, 2020
Link: https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/oureconomy/how-big-polluters-are-profiting-european-public-aid/

En Français: https://multinationales.org/En-pleine-epidemie-le-soutien-accru-des-institutions-financieres-europeennes


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